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The Punjab state verka milk producers federation limited popularly known as MILKFED Punjab came into existence in 1973 with a twin objective:-

· To providing remunerative milk market to the milk producers in the state by value addition and marketing of produce on one hand

· To provide technical inputs to the milk producers for enhancement of milk production on the other hand.

Although the federation was registered much earlier, but it came to real self in the year 1983 when all the milk plants of the erstwhile Punjab dairy development corporation limited were handed over to cooperative sector and the entire state was covered under operation flood to give the farmers a better deal and our valued customers better products. Today, when we look back, we think we have fulfilled the promise to some extent. The setup of the organization is a three-tier system, milk producers cooperative societies at the village level, milk unions at district level and federation as an apex body at state level. Milk fed Punjab has continuously advanced towards its coveted objectives well defined in its bylaws.

The milk plant is committed to supply quality and safe milk and milk products to its esteem customers at the right time. The milk plant has introduced ISO 9001:2000. Management system and Indian standard of hazard an analysis and critical points (HACCP)/IS: 15000-1998 to ensure highest quality products with built in safety to consumers.

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Q: What is the history of verka milk plant?
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