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Cape Fear is the main river in the tidewater region.

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Q: What is the main river in the tidewater region?
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What are the characteristics of the tidewater region?

The Tidewater Region encompasses the area of Southeastern Virginia and Eastern North Carolina.

Which two regions in Virginia did computer technology affect?

It affected Northern Virginia and the Tidewater region and the way it affected them was in made the population there grow. the main reason is that Washington D.C. is located in the Tidewater region and Washington D.C. is where the government is held.

What region was the limestone found?

The limestone was found in the Jurassics region of Europe.

What was the region of southern plantations?


Can you describe Norfolk Virginia in terms of Region?

Norfolk, Virginia is located in the southeastern region of the United States, specifically in the Mid-Atlantic region. It sits along the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the greater Hampton Roads metropolitan area, known for its naval presence and port activities. Norfolk is a historic city with a diverse economy that includes industries such as shipping, tourism, and defense.

In what region in Virginia is fishing important?


Which region borders the chesapeake Bay?


What are the major landforms of the Tidewater Region?

The Tidewater Region has several landforms. There are low, flat coastal plains, rivers, waterfalls, a peninsula, a harbor, and a swamp.

What is the major city in the tidewater region of NC?

The major city in the Tidewater region of North Carolina is Wilmington. Situated along the coast, Wilmington is known for its historic downtown area, beautiful beaches, and vibrant cultural scene.

What type of soil is in the tidewater region?

there is little or no soil in the region because of erosion

What region in VA has most of the rivers in VA?

The Tidewater.

What animals live in the tidewater region?

Animals that live in the tidewater region include crabs, oysters, clams, shrimp, fish, and various species of birds. These animals are adapted to the fluctuating water levels and varying salinity found in tidewater areas.