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Q: Which river drains the largest rain forest in the region?
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Which river drains the largest rain forest in th region?

The answer is Amazon Rain forest

Which river drains the rain forest in the region?

The Amazon River

Which river drain the largest rain forest in the region?

The Amazon River

River mahanadi drains into the?

River Mahanadi is one of the largest river found in India. River Mahanadi drains into the Bay of Bengal.

What huge river that drains the central region of the US?

The Mississippi river

Which river has the worlds largest discharge of sediment?

The Ganges River ranks as the largest sediment river discharge in the world due to the elevation of the Himalayas from which it drains from. Ongoing glaciation of the region paired with the elevation work together to produce huge amounts of sediment.

What is the largest river in South America's region?

The largest river in South America is the Amazon River. The Amazon River is 4000 miles long. The second largest river is the Parana River.

What river system drains half of the Canadian provinces?

The Prairie provinces are located in Canada, and comprise the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, as they are covered partially by grassland. The Mackenzie River drains much of this region of Canada.

The largest region of Brazil is the?

The Amazon River Basin

What is the river that drain's the world's largest equatorial rain forest?


America's most important river?

While America's most important river may depend on the region in which you live, traditionally the most important river has been the Mississippi. It is the largest river in North America, running 2,430 miles from Lake Itasca in Minnesota down to the Gulf of Mexico. It is the largest drainage system in North America and it's drainage basin drains parts of 31 American states and 2 Canadian provinces.

What Latin American river has the second-largest watershed in the region?

the Plata