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That would be the REFORMATION.

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Q: What is the name historians have given the events that led to the formation of many types of Protestant churches during the 16th century?
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Protestant churches in the 15-th century?

There were no Protestant churches in the 15th Century, because the Protestant movement did not start until the 16th Century. This movement was led by Martin Luther in 1517 AD, who protested against the excessive power of Rome.

What is the term Protestant Reformation from?

The term "Protestant Reformation" refers specifically to the period in 16th century Europe where Martin Luther and other figures in the Church declared "independence" from the Catholic Church on account of perceived or actual grievances against them. This resulted in the formation of numerous Protestant churches such as the Lutheran, Calvinist, Anabaptist, and Anglican churches.

What was the first protestant church formed during the reformation?

The oldest Protestant churches can be dated back to the fifteenth century. They are Unitas Fratrum, which was the original name of the Moravian church) and the Moravian Church. Protestant churches usually date their inception to around the sixteenth century.

How did the role of women in protestant churches change in the 16 century?

it didnt chanqee ..

When did the protestant church form?

The protestant revolt began in the sixteenth century with the likes of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Henry VIII, and has continued since then.

Is the Catholic church the name historians gavce formation of many protestant churches during the 16th century?

The name "catholic" means universal, so the "catholic church" is all the believers in Christ all over the world. The organized church was more (or less) one church until the Eastern Orthodox church split from the Roman Catholic church, which was (and is) headquartered in Rome. At the time of the Protestant Reformation, the Protestant churches left the rule of the Roman Catholic church and formed their own denominations (such as Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians). Sometimes people use the term "catholic" when they really should use the term Roman Catholic, so things can get confused.

What has the author Charles Wheeler Iglehart written?

Charles Wheeler Iglehart has written: 'A century of Protestant Christianity in Japan' -- subject(s): Church history, Missions, Protestant churches

What did the protestant churches look like in the 16th century?

post-reformation, most protestant churches would've been identical to catholic structures in architechtural construction and style. however they would've been much plainer, white-washed walls, and without statues or similar artwork, which filled catholic churches.

Can a Roman Catholic be a member of a Protestant church?

No. The Protestant Church began as a division away from Roman Catholic Church in the 14th century. The central ideas of the churches are similar, but the Protestant Church has altered the original Catholic Bible and disagrees with some Catholic ideas, such as confession.

What has the author Donna A Behnke written?

Donna A. Behnke has written: 'Religious issues in nineteenth century feminism' -- subject(s): Feminism, History, Protestant churches, Religious aspects of Feminism

What century historians believe the game chess was invented?

Some historians date the game of Chess as early as the 2nd century, originating from China

How many protestants are there in the world?

over 30,000 churches worldwide