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Q: What is the oldest city in west Europe?
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What are 10 oldest cities in Europe?

Athens is typically regarded as Europe's oldest city.

Which is the oldest city in Europe?


What is the oldest city on the west coast of the US?

what is the largest city on Australia's west cost

What is the oldest city in WV?

The oldest city in West Virginia in Romney in Hampshire County. Chartered December 23 1762

What was the oldest city in Greece?

The city of Argos is not only the oldest city in Greece having been an urban settlement for the last 7,000 years but also competes very closely with Athens to be the oldest city in the whole of Europe.

In Europe which city and country has the worlds oldest surviving monarchy?


Information on copenhagen?

Copenhagen, the premier capital of Northern Europe, is Scandinavia's most fantastic city and the centre of the most dynamic region in Europe, the oresund Region. The city is one of Europe's oldest capitals with a royal touch - the monarchy in Denmark is the oldest in the world!

In which city is the oldest university in Europe found?

University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Founded in 1609 what is the oldest city in America west of the Mississippi?

Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest city west of the Mississippi River in what is now the United States. It was founded by the Spanish in 1608. In it also the oldest capital city still the capital. However, it is not the oldest continually inhabited city, as it was abandoned for 12 years (1680-1692) due to Native American attacks.

The geologically oldest land surface in Europe is the?

I am not sure which particular parts, but I think I recall an exhibit at the Scottish National Gallery showing the west coast islands of Scotland as the oldest land surface in Europe.

What is the oldest city in Spain?

Cádiz is thought to be not only the oldest city in Spain, but the oldest city in Europe. It began as a Phoenician trading post around 1100 BC to trade tin, amber and silver and was called Gadir. See the related link.

Is Delft a town or city in Europe?

It is a city in Europe, The Netherlands to be more presicely. The West of the Netherlands, between Rotterdam and The Hague.