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Hammurabi in Mesopotamia.

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Many believe that the first ever written down code of laws was Hammurabi's code. Even Jeopardy has assert this fact. However this is incorrect. The oldest extant law code that has been found is the law code of Ur-Nammu which dates to around 2100BC (Hammurabi's law code only dates to around 1790BC). The form of the laws follow the "if...then..." format that is followed in subsequent law codes - such as Hammurabi's. For example: "if a man commits murder he must be killed" and "If a man knocks out a tooth of another man, he shall pay two shekels of silver."

While the code of Ur-Nammu is the oldest code for which we have found copies, we have found references to an older law code of which we have not found copies - the code of Urukagina. (Urukagina reigned between 2380-2360BC) While we have no copies of this code, we know some of its content from references to the laws. For example Urukagina exempted widows from paying taxes, and made it illegal for a rich man to force a poor man to sell something.

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Hammurabi, 1792 - 1750 B.C. first ruler of the Babylonian empire, was responsible for the first written code of laws, known as "The Code of Hammurabi".

Emperor Justinian ordered the compilation of all Roman laws since earlier code. After its completion, this new code consisted of four works. Justinian ruled in the 500s A.D.

The Code of Ur-Nammu is the oldest known law code. It is Sumerian and dates to 2100-2050 BC. It was written by either king Ur-Nammu or his son Shulgi.

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The Code of Hammurabi, written around 1800 B.C. by the King of Babylon.


The Code of Hammurabi, written by the Babylonian king, Hammurabi.

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No urinating in the streets.

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Hammurabi in Mesopotamia.

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Q: What is the oldest written code of law?
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What was the first known system of written law?

Code of Hammurabi was the first known written law.

What is the basis of law in Louisiana?

The Law is Louisiana is based on the Napoleonic Code

The athenian ruler Draco made several refoms including?

Draco's reforms were in the fields of law. The first written code was shockingly severe. This is where the adjective "Draconian" comes from in describing a harsh and archaic system of punishment. They allowed enslavement for debt and numerous capital offense crimes. Although it was modified, it remained the foundation of statute law in Athens until the end of the 5th century.

What is the roman code of law?

It is important to know the different laws of the different times. Roman law is the law code of ancient Rome. It forms the basis of civil law in many different countries today.

Why was the Napoleonic Code drawn up?

Before the French Revolution of 1789, France had had a number of different legal systems - 'written law' in the South, 'customary law' in much of the North. Moreoever, some regions had their own legal systems and sometimes it was possible to use 'written law' in the 'customary law' area. In short, it was often very difficult and expensive for people to obtain a definitive ruling, especially in civil cases. A national criminal code had become law in 1791, but civil law turned out to be more difficult to codify. In 1800 Napoleon set up a small commission tasked with compiling a single civil code for France. It did its work quickly, and in 1804 the Napoleonic Civil Code became law in France (and throughout the French Empire). Other codes, on matters such as procedure, and a revised criminal code, followed. See the link for more detail.

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Code of Hammurabi is known for?

It is know for being the oldest codified law written in black diorite stone.

The oldest code of law is?


Where did the earliest written laws come from?

A:The oldest extant law-code known is the Code of Ur-Nammu. It was written in the Sumerian language between 2100 and 2050 BCE, and comes from Ur in Mesopotamia.

Which is the oldest code of law in India?

The earliest known code of law was the Hammurabi code. It was the first laws codified together.

What was the first known written code of law?

The earliest written code of law was the code of Hammurabi which has 282 laws and which was enacted Hammurabi, the 6th king of Babylon in around 1772 BC. Partial copies are found on a human-sized stone and on clay tablets. It is one of the oldest lengthy deciphered pieces of writing.

Was the Hammurabi code appropriate for its time?

The codification of the law written in the Hammurabi code, is the oldest known code of law and it was adequate in all the sense.

What code of Jewish Law was written about marriage law?

Even Haezer was written about marriage law.

What are two written law codes?

Another name for a written law is a "statute."

Is the declaration of independence a written code of law?

No, it was written because the US wanted to separate from Great Britain and become its own country. It is not a written code of law.

Was the Code of Hammurabi the first formal theory of agriculture?

No. Hammurabi's code was first used in Babylon in circa 1772 B.C., but their were codes of law before then, the most well known beign the Ten Commandments, which were written by God on Mt. Sinai sometime approx. between 1513 B.C. and 1445 B.C. THe oldest known code of law surviving today is the code of Ur-Nammu. It was a code of law written in Mesopotamia in circa 2112-2095.

What ruler created a law of code to rule his empire?

Many rulers created codes of law for their empires. One of the oldest known ones is the Code of Hammurabi, the sixth Babylonian king.

What is the first system of written laws?

The Code Of Hammurabi