What is the prefix of immature?

Updated: 2/28/2024
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What is the prefix of immature? πŸ“·Answer

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The prefix is 'im' , Because the word 'maturer' is a separate word in its own right.

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im, as in not/negative (literally meaning not mature)

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Q: What is the prefix of immature?
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What does the prefix in immature mean?

The prefix "im-" in immature indicates a negative or opposite meaning, so immature means not fully developed or grown.

What is the opposite of marture by adding the correct prefix?

Im- is the correct prefix. This would make the word immature.

What is the prefix for mature?

Im... as in immature.

What does the prefix blast mean?

immature cell that can still divide.

What does im mean in the word immature?

"im" is a prefix in the word "immature" which means "not" or "lacking." So, "im" in "immature" indicates that something is not fully developed or grown.

What is the base or root for immature?

The base or root for "immature" is "mature." "Im-" is a prefix added to "mature" to form the opposite meaning.

Is childish a prefix?

No, "childish" is not a prefix. It is an adjective that means behaving in an immature or naive way, typically associated with children.

What is another word with a prefix for childish?

ish.---Actually, -ish is a suffix, not a prefix. A prefix is the front part of a word. For instance, take the word immature. That means childish, and the prefix is im- which means not. So an immature person is not mature, but childish.If you want another suffix for child that makes the meaning the same, you can add -like. So a person can be childlike.

Where you use prefix im with the word?

Immature and immortal. Those were the only two I could think of. :P

Is unproved the opposite of improve?

no, it would just be proved. the "im-" prefix already makes it the opposite. To reverse the meaning, just drop the prefix. It like with the word "immature", which is the opposite of "mature".

What are 3 words that start with the prefix 'im' meaning not?

Immaterial, immature, immeasurable, immodest, immoral and immovable begin with IM. They mean not.

What is prefix for aging?