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His parents were Muslim But Asmir self does not practice Islam or any other religions!

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Q: What is the religion of Asmir Begović?
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When was Asmir Kolašinac born?

Asmir Kolašinac was born on 1985-10-15.

When was Asmir Kajević born?

Asmir Kajević was born on 1990-02-15.

When was Asmir Ikanović born?

Asmir Ikanović was born on 1976-04-30.

When was Asmir Avdukić born?

Asmir Avdukić was born on 1981-05-13.

When was Asmir Begović born?

Asmir Begović was born on 1987-06-20.

When was Asmir Misini born?

Asmir Misini was born on 1985-09-29.

How old is Asmir Avdukić?

As of June 2014, Asmir Avdukić is 33 years old.

What position does Asmir Begović play?

Asmir Begović plays as a Goal Keeper for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What position does Asmir Avdukić play?

Asmir Avdukić plays as a Goal Keeper for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How old is Asmir Begović?

Asmir Begović is 30 years old (birthdate June 20, 1987).

For what club does Asmir Begović play?

As of June 2014, Asmir Begović plays for Stoke City, a club in England.

What happens in the end of no gun for asmir?

At the end of the book "No gun for asmir" the war is over and the whole family returns safely home :)