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Women played a significant role in the English Civil War like,

most commonly a house wife, they did lots of cooking for when the men get back, and they did lots of cleaning,

becoming spies, laundresses, sanitary, Christian commission workers, newspaper writers, and undercover soldiers. And when the men were away they would even do

farming for example picking and planting the crops and taking care of the animals.

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The women of the Elizabethan era were taught to obey men and make them proud once a lady got married. She was supposed to be able to do very complex things for a housewife. She was supposed to be a doctor ( to be able to cure colds, set and place broken bones etc.). She was also the food maker making ales, cheeses, milk ect. The wife was a financial advisor for the men went off all the time for buisness purposes.

Also, women of the upper classes enjoyed life and intrigued at court like the men.

Women of the middle classes often helped in the business and took care of the household at the same time.

Some were landladies or shopkeepers.

Women in cities of the lower classes, would often provide labor for the guilds (as seamstresses, tanners, weavers etc) or be midwives or market-women or prostitutes.

Women at farms worked at the land like the men, but were also responsible for spinning, weaving, making clothes, taking care of small animals, the house and children.

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The Elizabethan society did not allow most women any power outside of Queen Elizabeth herself. Women were expected to remain in their traditional roles as homemakers and mothers, and accept the authority of men. Although some highborn women were well educated, they were barred from entering the professions.

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During Elizabethan times the roles of women in society were extremely restricted, women were considered the weaker sex and dangerous due that their sexuality was supposed to be mystic and feared at the same time. The women of that time were supposed to represent virtues like obedience, silence, sexual chastity, piety, humility constancy and patience.

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No. Only in modern history women have gained any rights.

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Q: What is the role of women in the Elizabethan era?
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