What is the state of Canada?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Canada isn't a state. It is a country.

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Q: What is the state of Canada?
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What state is Canada in?

Canada is not in any state. Canada is its own country.

What is Canada's state parks?

There are no states in Canada; therefore there are no state parks in Canada.

Was Canada a slave state?

no canada was not a slave state

What state of Canada?


Is Canada a you s state?

Canada is another country, not a state.

What Canada state borders on US state?

Canada does not have states.

What is the state in Canada that borders Oregon?

There is no state in Canada that borders Oregon... Washington state, USA is between Oregon and Canada

If you are in state of Alaska Canada is located to the?

If you are in the state of Alaska, Canada is located to the _______________ and ______________.

What state is Canada part of?

Canada is often found in the State of Confusion.

Canada is a part of what state?

Canada is not part of any state it is a country.

What borders Canada and is a cold state?

Any state that shares a border with Canada is a cold state.

What is Canada's national insect?

Canada is not a state, therefore, there is no state insect. Canada does not have a national insect.