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A Mirror.

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Q: What is the thing called that gives your reflection?
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Is there such thing as a phobia of seeing your reflection?

Yes, seeing your reflection is a medically recognised abnormal phobia.This phobia is called Spectrophobia.

When light bounces back you call it?

The bouncing back of light is called Reflection

What is diffusing reflection?

When the rays of light do not follow the laws of reflection, then this type of reflection is called diffused reflection.

What is a reflection in the mirror called?

A reflection in the mirror is called a mirror image. Mirror images are the virtual images that we see when looking at our reflection in a mirror.

What is called to the reflection of the the object in a mirror?


What is your reflection in a mirror called?

The reflection of an object in a mirror is called a virtual image. This image appears to be behind the mirror, but it is not a physical object.

What is a reflection over a line called in math?

A reflection.

What was the thing called that gives tributes food in the hunger games?


The bouncing of light rays off an object is called?

The bouncing of light is called reflection.

What is a reflection in geometry?

Reflection of an object is the flip of that subject on a particular line, that is called line of reflection.

Reflection from rough surfaces is what kind of reflection?

Reflection off of rough surfaces is called a perkokepuw.

What is it called When a wave bounces of an object?

When a wave bounces off an object, it is called reflection. Reflection occurs when a wave encounters a boundary and changes direction, maintaining its energy and frequency.