What is udayar caste meaning?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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anaithu pukalum udaiya vamsame udaiyarcaste in meaning

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Q: What is udayar caste meaning?
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What is udayar caste?

anaithu pukalum udaiya vamsame udaiyarcaste in meaning

Is udayar caste B C caste in Tamil Nadu?

Yes udayar comes under parkavakulam (udayar, moopanar, nainar) they belongs to Backward class

Is udayar caste a low caste?


Is udayar caste and agamudayar same same?

No agamudayar and udayar are different caste agamudayar comes under mukkulathor and udayar comes under parkavakulam, but there is some myth that they came from same lineage (malayaman lineage) because udayar (malayaman, and nathaman) moopanar (surthiman) these udayar, moopanar, nainar these three were came parkava lineage, deiveegan malayaman udayar is ancestor of these caste, agamudayar also claims that they came from malayaman caste they claimed that udayar also part of agamudayar community

Is udayar caste forward caste in Tamil nadu?

it is a forward caste

Which caste simbu belongs to name?


Is udayar and kulalar same caste?

No kulalar and udayar are not same caste parkavakula udayar (malayaman and nathaman clans) using this title from ancient cholas period parkavakula udayar(warrior and landlords) living around cholamandalam, but kulalar is an pot making caste they usually exist around western Tamilnadu they have title mannudayar ,they also sometimes known as udayar , this is the reason for your confusion

Where is the udayar caste mostly populated?

kallakurichi,salem ,thirukovilur,perambalur,vilupuram.

Population of udayar caste in tamilnadu?

There is no specific data available on the population of the Udayar caste in Tamil Nadu. Caste-based census data is not publicly available in India due to government policies. It is important to note that collecting and sharing caste-based demographic data can perpetuate discrimination and stereotypes.

To which list fc bc or obc does the caste of nathamar udayar belong?

Nathaman udayar belongs to BC category in Tamilnadu state. But in India (central government), it belongs to OBC category.

Is udayar and wodeyar same caste?

Udayar is the tamil landlord community, they belongs to malayaman dynasty, wodeyar is the kannada community they belongs to mysore dynasty so there is no connection between udayar /wodeyar, just having two different warrior clans have same title in different

Can a udayar caste groom marry kongu vellala gounder bride are udayar and kongu vellala gounder in same rank which one is superior?

i think both are equal......gounders are economically and politacally dominanat in western tamilnadu.....