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Cardinal Richelieu described Louis XIII as a good king. While driven by glory, he also had a desire for order. Naturally moderate and reserved, he used care in his words and emotions. But his Achillesâ?? heel was flattery and praise and he was easily manipulated by them.

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Q: What makes a good king as far as richelieu is concerned?
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Under which king did Cardinal Richelieu serve?

Louis XIV

One king is Sully one is Richelieu Name the third?

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Who known for strengthening the power of French king?

Cardinal Richelieu was known for strengthening the power of French kings.

What government was Cardinal Richelieu in?

Cardinal Richelieu was a prominent figure in the French government. He served as the Chief Minister under King Louis XIII from 1624 until his death in 1642. Richelieu played a key role in centralizing power in France and strengthening the monarchy.

What was the name of the Catholic Cardinal who extended the power and influence of both the Catholic Church and the government before King Louis XIV became King?

Cardinal Richelieu.

Who is the Ruler of France in 1766?

King Louis XV of France.

Who is know for strengthening the power of french king?

Cardinal de Richelieu as chief minister and Secretary of State of France from 1616 until his death in 1642.

What were Richelieu's political goals?

1. Stop religious conflicts 2. Decrease the power of the nobility 3. Make the king's power absolute

What is Cardinal Richelieu?

Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu, also known as Cardinal Richelieu, was a very intelligent and taciturn man. He lived in Paris, France for most of his life. As a child he was very brilliant. He attended school at the Collège de Navarre His father was the Lord of Richelieu. His family was a minor noble family, and very religious. He was considered to be one of the greatest politicians of all time. Cardinal Richelieu was born September 9, 1585 and lived until December 4, 1642. He lived a very successful life. At 21 he was rewarded a papal dispensation in 1601. To begin his carrier, he was bishop in 1608. Then later on in his life he became a cardinal in 1622. After, he became the 1st Chief Minister of the French King. While Richelieu was in power, he focused on two main ideas. He wanted to centralize power in France and to adverse the Habsburg dynasty. In 1626 though, he destroyed the position of The Constable of France an ordered castles to be razed. This caused the death of princess, dukes, and more. Because of this tragedy, Richelieu was then one of the most hated men in France. Richelieu soon grew sick and indefatigable though. He suffered from eye strain and headaches. He couldn't work anymore and worried what he was supposed to do. When he felt as though death was approaching, he named his successor Jules Cardinal Mazarin. Mazarin did proxy and follow Richelieu's steps as Chief Minister. Richelieu was an exquisite Chief Minister and is remembered to this day as one of the best politicians of all time.

How did Louis XIV change the French government?

Louis XIV created the most stunning example of absolutism that ever existed. The Sun King finished what Richelieu started, gathering all of the power together in the hands of one person.

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