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they used adobe bricks

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Q: What material was used to built san Rafael arcangel?
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What is San Rafael Arcangel Mission like today?

i don't know but i think it was destroyed by Indians

what were the animals used for at San Rafael Arcangel?

At the San Rafael Archangel mission, animals were primarily used for agricultural purposes such as farming, transportation, and providing wool and other animal products. They were also used for labor in construction and other tasks necessary for the operation of the mission.

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What material is used for built mausoleum of halicarnassus?

white marbel

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Plastic and different types of metal.

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good things like wood?

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What was used to build mission San Gabriel Arcangel?

The answer would be a cut stone, brick, and motor.

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Various ancient civilizations built with stones, including the Egyptians who built the pyramids, the Greeks who built temples and amphitheaters, and the Incas who built Machu Picchu. Stones were a commonly used material due to their durability and structural integrity.

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What was San Miguel Arcangel used for?

Father Fermen Lasuen was to build the mission by the Spanish Govern.

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I live in a house built from limestone. It has been a great building material for centuries. Also it is used to manufacture cement and lime mortar.