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Q: What middle eastern country was under British control in 1971?
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Is Iraq a middle eastern country?

Yes. Iraq is a Middle Eastern country.

Is Lithuania a middle eastern country?

No. It is in Eastern Europe.

Is Japan a middle eastern country?


What European country took most control of the middle east in 1917?

The British (UK) controlled the majority of the Middle East, followed closely by the French.

Which Middle Eastern country has the largest population?

EGYPT is has a population of 82 million people, making it the most populous Middle Eastern country.

Is Germany a Middle-Eastern country?

No, Germany is a European country.

What is the Middle Eastern countries' currency?

Each Middle Eastern country has a unique currency. Unlike Europe or Central Africa, there is no common Middle Eastern currency.

Which middle eastern country is Jewish?


Which middle east country was under british control until 1971?

The middle eastern country that was under British control until 1971 was the United Arab Emirates. At the time however it was not called the UAE, but 7 different countries:Abu Dhabi,Ajman,Dubai,Fujayrah,Sharjah, andUmm al-QaywaynThese then formed the UAE and Sheikh Zayed Bin-Sultan Al Nuhayyan became president. He ruled until 2004 when he passed away and was succeeded by his son, Sheikh Khalifa.

Is Malamar far eastern or middle eastern country?

There is no country called "Malamar". If perhaps you were refering to Myanmar, that is a Southeast Asian country.

What middle eastern country is on a small peninsula?


Which Middle Eastern country was created in 1948?