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Confucianism and Taoism. Confucianism is for scholars, only!!!! Taoism is for people other then scholars. Scholars are not aloud to study Taoism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What other religions still remained strong?
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What two religions remained strong when Buddhism entered china?

The two religions that still remained strong are Confuciaism and Taoism.

Did the old religions of the Roman Empire lose their vitality causing Christianity to spread?

No, the old religions and cults still remained strong among some members of the empire.They were so strong in fact, that in 380 AD Tehodosius I had to order that all people under his rule embrace Christianity.

How strong is Afghanistan?

They are very strong, since the occupation of the Taliban. Afghanistan remained strong. The US, UK, France are still sending their troops to end terrorism.

How strong is Afghanistan military?

They are very strong, since the occupation of the Taliban. Afghanistan remained strong. The US, UK, France are still sending their troops to end terrorism.

How many religions are still practicing in the world today?

Well there are 270 large , strong and religious groups

How do you use prickly in a sentence with word gust?

The prickly cacti remained still even when the strong gust blew by.

Are all Filipinos allowed to marry into other religions. or are there some minority religions that still do not allow this?

Racist jackass

What two religions still stand strong in China?

Buddhism and Daoism remain the strongest religions in China. Confucianism includes elements of ancestor worship and therefore can be regarded as a religion, although it is not as strong as formerly. There is also a strong Muslim presence in western China.Christianity is making inroads, while Falun Gong is possibly the fastest growing religion in China.

What are the religions in China?

Primarily Buddhism, also Daoism and Confucianism (though these are more general cultural practices and less institutional/spiritual). The main religions are Buddhism and Christianity. The Christians in China are persecuted and meet in houses instead of church buildings, but there are an estimated 60 to 70 million Christians in China.

How did the prohibition era affect laws today?

Although prohibitionists were defeated in 1933, they remained strong enough to influence legislation for decades and that influence can still be felt today.

After Jesus came why do people still need idols?

For Christians, the gods of other religions are not true gods, but for followers of other religions, Jesus is not true, except possibly as a good man who once lived in Palestine. Those who sincerely follow other religions continue to need their icons, or "idols", to help them pray to the gods.

Do pagan people still exist?

Pagans lived in the medieval times and most of them converted to Christianity. Their religion is still practiced by some people. Druidism, Shamanism and Asatru comes under Pagan religions. There are some other new religions stemmed from Pagan religions and those are called Neo-Paganism. Wicca, Witchcraft includes in Neo-Pagan religions.