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"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is a main policy in realpolitik. This led the US to support corrupt & brutal dictatorships.

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Q: What policies characterized realpolitik?
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What policies characterized realpolitik and how they affect the course of the cold war?

Realpolitik focused on pragmatic policies rather than ideological considerations, promoting the pursuit of a nation's self-interest and power. This approach led to policies such as detente and negotiations with rivals to manage conflicts, affecting the Cold War by easing tensions and reducing the risk of direct military confrontation between the superpowers. Realpolitik also influenced alliances and engagements with non-aligned countries, shaping the global dynamics of the Cold War period.

Who was the US president whose policies grew out of a philosophy of realpolitik?


What was the policies did Otto Von Bismarck's follow to meet meet his goal?


What Prussian leader coined the term Realpolitik?

Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck coined the term Realpolitik.

What is the German term meaning the politics of reality?

Politics of reality translates as Realpolitik.

What was Bismarck's government policy?


What does realpolitik mean?


How can you use realpolitik in a sentence?

Realpolitik is a foreign policy approach based on practical considerations rather than ideals or moral principles. An example sentence could be: "The country's leaders decided to pursue a realpolitik strategy, emphasizing economic interests rather than human rights concerns in their international relations."

Who originated realpolitik?

Otto Von Bismark

Who used realpolitik?

Otto von Bismarck

The German term meaning the politics of reality?


Prussian leader Bismarck had a policy called?

Otto von Bismarck's policy was called Realpolitik. It involved making secret alliances and breaking them when they were no longer convenient.