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Q: What province has Hudson bay Saskatchewan and Ontario as its borders?
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What Province Has Hudson Bay Saskatchewan And Ontario On Its Borders?


Which territory touches the Hudson Bay?

The provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec all border the Hudson Bay. Also, the Canadian territory of Nunavut (formerly part of the Northwest Territories, until 1999) borders the Hudson Bay.

What bay borders Ontario?

Ontario borders Lake Huron and Georgian Bay to the north.

Manitoba is where?

Manitoba is a Canadian province. It is the fourth province east of the Pacific Ocean.Manitoba's boundaries are:to the south, the 49th parallel (the USA)to the west, the province of Saskatchewanto the north, the 60th parallel (the territory of Nunavut)to the northeast, Hudson Bayto the east, the province of Ontario

What two Canadian provinces lie to the west of James bay?

James Bay is the southern portion of Hudson Bay. It borders Ontario and Quebec. Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia all are west of James Bay.

Hudson bay is a large area north of what province?


What borders Hudson Bay?

Quebec, Ontario, Nunavut and Manitoba.

What bay borders Ontario quebec Manitoba and nunavut?

Hudson Bay

What four rivers connected to the Hudson Bay?

Numerous rivers flow into the bay including - North Saskatchewan Beaver Battle South Saskatchewan Bow

Are there any seashores in Ontario?

There are seashores on the portions of the coastlines of Hudson Bay and James Bay that are in the Province of Ontario.

Name the Canadian province that extends from the great lakes to Hudson Bay?


Does Ontario have prairies?

No, Ontario doesn't have prairies. Prairies are only present in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Ontario's ecozones are Mixedwood Plains, Boreal Sheild and Hudson Plains.