Where did the Cree Indians live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The majority of the Cree Native Americans live north and west of Lake Superior. Most live in Canada in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

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the cree indians live in southern canada around the hudson bay. also around northern California.

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Q: Where did the Cree Indians live?
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Where does the cree Indians live?

They live in Florida!

Were the cree Indian friendly?

the Cree Indians were not friendly

What did great plains indians live in?

crow cheyenne chipewyan cree dakota/lakota wiehita

Were online can you get lots of information about cree Indians?

go to cree Indians .com slash whatever ure looking for

Are Cree Indians of East Asian decent?

Experts believe that the Cree Indians came from the area of modern day Tibet.

What part of north America did the plain Indians live?

The plains cree lived in the the great plains which now is Montana

What celebrations customs and beliefs did the plains Cree Indians live in?

The celebrations the Cree had where parties where they did the dance now known as the chicken dance, and smoked the party pipe. they did not do the chicken dance. -2w4f56

Who is the Cree Indians leader?

The name of the Cree leader was Titsuik Nambe (1451-1489).

What sports did the Cree Indians play?


What is cree tribe land look like?

The Cree Indians were mostly woodland tribes that lived in the forests of Montana, North Dakota, and Canada. There were also Cree tribes that were plains Indians. They moved along with their food supply.

What region did the cree Indians live in?

In the United States, the Cree were located in northern Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana. The southern limits of the Cree territory were the Missouri River and the Milk River in Montana. In Canada, Cree territory was mainly north and west of Lake Superior, in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

What was the environment like for the Cree Indians?

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