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They live in southern Canada and in some parts of the United States; North Dakota and Montana.

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the cree people came from all over the world, mostly canada though

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Q: Where did the Cree Tribes originate?
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What was the relationship between Cree and Coast Salish?

Cree and Coast Salish are both tribes of Canadian Aboriginal people. However, Cree people originate in the eastern part of the country, while the Coast Salish have populations in British Columbia.

What is the differences between Native and Cree?

Cree is one of the Native tribes in Canada. All the tribes combined are called Native because they were the first people here in North America, they consist of many different tribes, like Algonquin, Cree, Chippewa, Huron etc....

What is cree tribe land look like?

The Cree Indians were mostly woodland tribes that lived in the forests of Montana, North Dakota, and Canada. There were also Cree tribes that were plains Indians. They moved along with their food supply.

What native tribes were near the turquoise trail?

mostly Cree and Iroquois.

What where some landmarks that the cree tribe lived by?

It is not possible to name specific landmarks because "Cree" refers to any speakers of the Cree language. The language has five main dialectic branches, shared by different tribes ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Coast. Some of the dialects so different from each other that native Cree speakers from different tribes have a hard time understanding each other. Overall, Cree-speaking tribes have different territorial ranges, material culture and customs.

What are three Native American tribes ffrom Canada?

Cree, Alqonquin, Metis

When did Caddo tribes originate?


What were the five native tribes in Manitoba?

There are 63 recognized tribal groups in Manitoba. They can be identified by the five different languages as Cree, Ojibway, Ojibway-Cree, Dakota and Dene.

Where did Norse mythololgy originate from?

The Germanic tribes.

What are the three major First Nations tribes in Alberta?

fort chipewyan, Nakoda and Plains Cree

What are subarctic tribes?

There are many subarctic Indian tribes. Some of these are the Eyak Tribe, the Dogrib Tribe, the Cree Tribe, the Carrier Tribe, and the Beaver Tribe.

Where did the most of Invaders of the roman Empire Originate?

Germanic barbarian tribes