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Q: What tools did the Cree use to make their clothing?
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What tools did Indians use for making clothes?

Native Americans use fur and animal hide to make clothing.

What did the cree use to make their cloths?


What kind of weapons did the cree use?

The Cree weapons were: bow and arrows, spears, clubs and knives.

What tools did woodland cree use?

The most famous Woodland Cree weapon was the bow and arrow. Other Cree weapons included spears, clubs, and knives. The East Crees used bone fishhooks and nets for fishing.

The use of allowed man to go to wetter and cooler climates.?


What did woodland cree people use to make bowls?

They used their feet.

How did early humans use animals they hunted?

For food, tools and clothing.

What tools did Creek Indians use?

The Cree people's tools were also known as (project points) were spears,pottery,bangles,chisles and scrapers.Cree people used all of these tools daily,and took time using them because it was hard and time working.

How did the Sioux use their resources?

they used for tools, utensils, clothing, mocassins, etc.

What tools do professional athletes use?

The body and their appropiate sports gear clothing.......

Plains Cree what tools if any did they use?

The tools that they used were stone hammerheads and hard cow patties.

What materials did the australopithecus use to make tools?

They did not make any tools.