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The Yangtze and Yellow Rivers

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Q: What region in ancient china do you think would have been the hardest to live and why?
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Which region in ancient china do you think would have been the hardest place to live and why?


Was the great wall of China Built In Ancient China?

What do you think

Which invention was originated in ancient China?

I think it was paper

Did ancient China have a council?

im not sure i think they did

What is an ancient China formal order?

Mandate I think

Did ancient Egypt trade with ancient China?

Yes, they got silk from China. yes i think so

In which region is China located?

south? i am pretty cure i think so

What were emperors expected to do in ancient China?

Well, they were to make the laws, I think.

What are the traditional clothes of china?

Most people would think of Hanfu, from the Han dynasty or the modern qipao. However, China is very vast and so clothing differs from region to region.

What describes the importance of china first civilization. what effect do you think it had on later civilizations in ancient china?

The Shang people built China's first cities, and they also produced the first Chinese writing system. I think it effected later civilizations in ancient China by it having nice cities and you can use the writing system to communicate because China had many regional languages.

Where in the world was ancient China?

Current Asia, and a bit to the west, extending into Europe I think.

What was the hardest question asked?

the hardest i can think of is "What is the answer to this question?"