What religon was Catherine parr?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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catherine parr was a protestant.

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Catherine Parr was Protestant.

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Q: What religon was Catherine parr?
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Was Catherine Parr a catholic?

Catherine parr was a protestant

Who did Henry marry after Catherine Howard?

After Catherine Howard he married Catherine Parr

What country did Catherine parr come from?

Catherine Parr was the daughter of the English nobleman Sir Thomas Parr who lived in Westmorland in England, almost on the border with Scotland.

What is Catherine Parr's father's name?

Catherine Parr's father was Sir Thomas Parr. He died very early in Catherine's childhood.

What was Catherine parr's job?

To be honest Catherine Parr did not have any jobs.

Where did Catherine parr die?

Catherine Parr died on September 5th 1548.

What is Catherine Parr's full name?

Catherine Parr was not given any other names.

Who were Catherin parrs parents?

Catherine Parr's parents were Maud Green (a former lady-in-waiting of Catherine of Aragon) and Sir Thomas Parr.

Was catherine parr from parr st helens?

no, she was from Kendal

Did Catherine parr have any kids?

Catherine Parr did not have any children with her final husband Henry VIII.

When did Catherine of parr have her child?

Catherine Parr's daughter and only child was born on August 30th, 1548.

How did Catherine parr's marriage to Henry v111 end?

He died, leaving Catherine Parr his widow (1547)