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Q: What rights did British women have in 1945?
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Who was the British writer who said women should have equal rights?

Mary Wollstonecraft

Who were the pankhursts?

Pankhurst was a leading British women's rights activist who led the movement to win the right for women to vote

What are the release dates for A Message for Women - 1945?

A Message for Women - 1945 was released on: USA: 1945

What date did women belong to british gain the right to vote?

1918 for women aged 30 & over 1928 for women over 21 (The same voting rights as men)

Do women get rights?

In most countries, women do get rights.

What is the possessive form of a woman's rights?

A woman's rights (the rights of one woman)The women's rights (the rights of several or all women)

What british document has ideas such as rights to bear arms and rights to jury trials?

The British Bill of Rights of 1689.

Are women's rights based on biblical principles?

A:No. If women's rights were based on biblical principles, modern women would have few rights.

What was the women's women's rights?

what is the women right

What has the author Betty Armitage written?

Betty Armitage has written: 'Betty's wartime diary, 1939-1945' -- subject(s): British Personal narratives, Diaries, Social life and customs, Women dressmakers, World War, 1939-1945

What are your opinions on women's rights?

today women are violated in many ways the women rights will not act propely

How were the roles of women different in Athens and Sparta?

In Athens women had no rights. In Sparta women had lots of rights