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They all had the same rights. however women in Elisabethan times were denied their rights as amater of coarse.

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Q: Did Elizabethan men have better rights then Elizibethan women?
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What percentage of women were educated in Elizabethan times?

During Elizabethan times, only a small percentage of women were educated, primarily those from noble or wealthy families. Education for women was not widely encouraged, and many girls were taught only basic skills needed to manage a household.

In Elizabethan England did men and women have equal rights?

No ! Equal rights for women are not going to be a feature until at least the 20th century. Women in Britain (aged 30+) cannot even vote till 1918, with all women allowed to vote at the same ages as men in 1928.

What qualties or characteristics should women of had in Elizabethan times?

Women had to have many qualities, one of which being that they had to be obedient, have responsibility to look after the children and be a good wife. If you want to learn more about the women in this time just go to or :)

Why should women have equal rights?

Because women's rights are human rights and humans are all entitled to the same rights.

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What did poor Elizabethan women wear?

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What is In the Elizabethan chain of being men are above whom on every level?

Men are above women in the Elizabethan chain.

Did any women act on stage in the globe?

No Elizabethan women did not act on stage. men played the women.

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