What route did de Aviles take?

Updated: 10/2/2023
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st. jhons river to Florida :)

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i hate you

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Q: What route did de Aviles take?
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Who was de aviles?

De Aviles was a Spanish explorer who was sent to Florida to take wealthy land from the French.

Who paid De Aviles?

Who Paid De Aviles

What is Pedro Menendez de Aviles last name?

de Aviles

Where Pedro Menendez de Aviles is from?

born in spain, aviles

Who help Pedro menendez de aviles?

Pedro mendez de aviles was indeed a spaniard

Who is Pedro Menendez de aviles?


Who did Pedro Menendez De Aviles marry?

Maria De Solis

Who is the wife of Pedro Menendez de Aviles?

Maria de Solis

What was de aviles goal?

One of De Aviles goals was in 1564 ,and they wanted him to keep the French from claiming more riches and gold. Pedro de Aviles intended to travel to Florida to find his shipwrecked son. His plans changed, and he was, instead, sent there to conquer the land for Spain.

Was Pedro Menendez de Aviles an explorer?


What was Menendez De Aviles looking for?

he was looking for gold

Who found StAugstine?

Pedro Menendez De Aviles