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Q: What symbol represented the epitome of the edwardian age woman?
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What is Saint Clare's symbol?

Saint Clare of Assisi is often depicted with a monstrance, a symbol of the Eucharist, as she thwarted an attack on her convent by holding up the Blessed Sacrament in prayer. She is also often shown with a lily, symbolizing purity and her close relationship with Saint Francis of Assisi.

How are woman represented in the council of the olympic games?

they are treated good

What symbol looks like the u.n symbol with a woman and child in it instead?


Is a Aquarius represented by a mermaid?

Aquarius is the water carrier. Often represented by a woman (sometimes a man) pouring water from a jug.

What studio is represented by a lightbearing woman known as the Proud Lady?


What does the Mexican sun and moon symbols stand for?

Sun is the symbol for man Moon is the symbol for woman

What is Saint Rebecca's symbol?

Saint Rebecca is often symbolized by a lamp or torch, representing her faith and devotion to God. She is also sometimes depicted with a book or scroll, symbolizing her wisdom and learning.

What does it mean to call a person a shulamite?

A Shulamite woman was the heroine of the Song Of Solomon and the epitome of real love for the right man. She rejected the glory of Solomons Kingdom for the love of a Shepherd

What is the Chinese symbol for woman?


What is the lesbian symbol?

The symbol for woman is the same as for Venus (the planet) a circle with an equal armed cross centered below (top of the cross touching the bottom of the circle) The symbol for lesbian is two symbols for woman with the circles interconnected.

What are the release dates for Fumiko Hayashida The Woman Behind the Symbol - 2009?

Fumiko Hayashida The Woman Behind the Symbol - 2009 was released on: USA: May 2009 (limited)

What is the standard sign to indicate toilets for men?

The standard sign indicating a washroom is for men is a man standing. The standard sign for a women's washroom is a woman wearing a dress standing. Family or unisex washrooms are represented with both the symbol for men and women.