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Q: What the time perod of paleothic age?
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What is the paleothic age is about?

Fire is from the paleolithic age;copper and bronze tools are from the neolithic

Compare Paleolithic and Neolithic ages?

they are both a age and they are from the same time. Paleothic is when the hunter/gathers were around and the Neolithic age is when they started to build perment shelters

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What is another name for the Paleothic era?

The Paleolithic era is also referred to as the Stone Age.

What time is called 8000 bc to 4000 bc?


How did Bessie Smith's songs reflect the 1920s?

I dont know i would have to live in that time perod now wouldnt i im not old

Whom did the paleothic live with were their neighbors?

this ia uncover

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It is an oscillation that occurs constantly or in order with respect to the perod of oscillations

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capital budgting is a technique used by the management to find out the expected closing cash balance for a particular perod of time by deducting all the estimated expenses from all the estimated incomes for that particular period of time.