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They taught them how to hunt with bow and arrows and how to carve the arrows and tools such as knives and how to hunt deer buffalo seals and much more and how to make beef jerky plus maple syrup and farming crops and how to use what they call the 3 sisters witch is corn stalks beans and squash the corn grows the bean plant uses the corn as a stick because beans need to grow on a stick they are like vines the squash has huge leaves witch covers the weeds so they cant grow and so that's how those 3 plants need each other in the winter the aboriginals would trade goods like deer skin coats fur boots coats pants and the aboriginals also taught the pioneers how to weave snow shoes and how to make kayaks and canoes to travel and for transportation an how to make homes out of logs and make rugs and quilts for there family's that's how our spices of human life began

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Something like the above but most of the pioneers did not need such information. Hunting was better with guns, farming was practically invented in Europe, houses could be made of wood or sod but rocks and concrete were better. But there were those pioneers from much warmer lands who were taught to live in a land many others had died in.

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Q: What things did the aboriginals teach the pioneers when they arrived in Canada?
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