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get admission form online site of the said University on & from 02/06/2008 & if you will be eligible or fit the you have to sit in admission test exam invited by the authority.

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Q: What to do to get English Honours in Jadavpur University?
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When was Jadavpur University created?

Jadavpur University was created in 1955.

What is the motto of Jadavpur University?

The motto of Jadavpur University is 'To Know Is To Grow'.

What is the rank of jadavpur university in the world?

11 th

Routine of 1st year BA HONS Examination kalyani University?

English honours

Question paper ofadmission test of MTech in ECE you jadavpur university?


Did Jane White attend university?

Yes, Jane White attended Girton College, Cambridge University, where see read for an honours degree in English.

Timetable of bcom part-1 honours examination of calcutta university?

when is the part-1 honours exqamination of calcutta university 2009 is

Eligibility criteria for Bsc in Jadavpur University?

Candidates applying for Bachelor of Sciences degrees in Jadavpur University should fulfill the following requirements. They should pass 10+2 Exams from a recognized Board in Science with mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. They should have an average score of 65 percent.

Where can you find an introductory course to marketing?

If you are looking for a graduation course then Jadavpur University and iLEAD can be good choices. These are the two institutes that have great faculty! all the more jadavpur is a recognized university, one of the top class in India and also ilead is now affiliated to WBUT! Prathama Sarkar.

What is an Honours program in University?

An honours program generally means four years while a general program is three.

When was Jadavpur Vidyapith created?

Jadavpur Vidyapith was created on 1957-03-11.

When calcutta university b com honours part-ii exam time table?

"When calcutta university ba honours part-ii exam time table?"