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u will get it in mumbai university website

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Q: Where to get Mumbai university fyba exam time-table 2009 from?
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When mumbai university F Y B A exam timetable 2009?

Whenpune university F.Y.B.A external exam timetable 2009?

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When tyba exam start on march 2009 of Mumbai university?

The TYBA exams for Mumbai University typically start in March. You should refer to the official university website or contact the examination department for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the exam schedule.

Mumbai university exam time table for second year engineering may 2009?

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Can you show you hsc Mumbai board exam timetable of februvary 2008 under science faculty?

hsc timetable for maharashtra,mumbai.....

Exam time table for university of mumbai for SYBA?

syba examination starts from 4th may. the timetable will be displayed on the university website one month before the exam.

TYBSC-chemistry exam time table 2009-2010 Mumbai?

tybsc exam time table in mumbai university

You want MCom part 1 April exam timetable?

The time table is on The time table is on

Do anyone have Madras university distance education timetable for UG Exam 2009?

s ug timetable announced in madras university its stickd over there main subject starts from 27th of next month.. Madras University Exam (IDE) for 2009 starts on Jun 13th.

Exam timetable of ba part-iii 2009 in magadh university?

most proabably BA part III 2009 exam will be start from 10th June 2009.

When TYBA exam start on Oct 2009 of mumbai university?

Hall Ticlet No.