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The starting point town was st Louis. :) i hope! that's what i put for my homework anyways

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Q: What town was the starting point for western exeditions?
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What town was the gateway to the west and starting point for the trails to California and other western destinations?

St. Louis. They have an arch there to commemorate that historical fact.

What is the price of an airfare to Singapore then to Cape Town?

That depends on the starting point.

Which town starting with A is on the shores of King George Sound in southern WA?

Albany is a town starting with 'A' on the shores of King George's Sound.

What is the most western point in mainland Britain?

The most westerly town in mainland Brittain is Lands End.

The starting point for both the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails was the Missouri town of?

independance missouri

What are some Australian towns or cities starting with the letter K?

Kalgoorie is a town in Australia. It is located in the state Western Australia.

When was Western Town Hall created?

Western Town Hall was created in 1911.

How do you spell frome?

There is a surname Frome and also a town in Somerset, England. The preposition is spelled "from" (source, starting point).

Where do you seek the humans help on dragon age?

The starting point for the human ally mission chain is at the town of Redcliffe.

What is the name of the famous gold mining town starting with K and ending in e which is in the heart of Western Australia's outback gold mining country?

This is the town of Kalgoorlie, also known as Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

What is a 3 lettered town in western NSW?

The town of Hay is in western New South Wales.

What does Weston mean?

It means "a town in the west" and "western town."