What transport did explorers use?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Explorers all over used boats and canoes, the boats consisted of sails. The European explorers got the idea of using canoes from the Indians. They also flapped their arms and flew faster than a butterfly.

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Q: What transport did explorers use?
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What did the Antarctic explorers use for transport?

boats and dog sleds

How did prince Henry's caravel help explorers?

It would help transport salves

What did Douglas Mawson use as transport to the Antarctic?

All Heroic Age Antarctic explorers, including Sir Douglas Mawson, sailed to Antarctica on hull-reinforced ships.

Do explorers use ropes?

yes, lots of explorers use ropes.

What was the transport used by early explorers to get to Antarctica?

Ships were - and still are - used to travel to the continent.

What transport do the bedouins use?

Bedouins use camels for their transport

What would explorers use as a toilet?

early explorers used the ground or a hole in the ground.

Did explorers use guns?


Why did explorers use tools?

they aren't paid well explorers, so they can not afford to hire a tradie!

What transport leave the cell without the use of energy?

Passive transport, such as simple diffusion or facilitated diffusion, allows certain substances (like gases, small molecules, and water) to move across the cell membrane without the input of energy. This movement occurs down the concentration gradient from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.

How is facilitated transport different from active transport?

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How did Scott go to Antarctica?

Sir Robert Falcon Scott always sailed to Antarctica -- the only mode of transport available to explorers at the time.