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trade winds. :]

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Q: Which winds did early explorers prefer to use in their travels?
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What tools did early explorers use?

Early explorers did not have the same tools we have today. They would have used the sun as a navigational tool along with a compass. They would have had crude maps, boats, sailing winds and even the experience of trackers.

What are the large circular patterns air travels in?

trade winds

How did winds help early explorers sail around the globe?

more solar radiation reaches the equator rises moves torward the poles creating air currents are pushed to the west or east by earth's rotation

Is Trade Winds the winds that early ships used to trade goods?


Infer Which wind system help early sailors navigate earth ocean?

Trade Winds were used by early sailors.

How fast do winds blow on neptunes wind storms?

it travels three times as fast as a comet

How do you stop gust of winds keep killing me Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

Unless you have an action can't

What travels thousands of kilometer in steady patterns?

Global winds travel thousands of kilometers in steady patterns

Why do you think early navigators tried to avoid the Sargasso sea?


Does a tornado lose energy when it travels over water?

No. In fact, since there is less friction, the winds may actually speed up.

Where do Antarctic explorers stay?

Explorers everywhere bring their own shelter and supplies with them on any expedition. In Antarctica, the best portable protection from the elements is a tent, often a Scott tent design. This shape -- like a pyramid -- withstands winds from every direction.

What was most challenging for early Greeks?

Sailing was dangerous, especially in winter, when the winds were strong ..