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Hernando Cortez and De Soto

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Q: What two explorers traveled in the southeastern part of North America?
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What has higher land elevation southeast North America or northwest North America?

Northwestern North America has higher elevation than Southeastern North America. Northwestern North America is mainly mountainous while Southeastern North America is mainly flat.

What did the French explorers find when they traveled west to try to find China and the East Indies?

The French concentrated their explorations in North America (Canada/US).

What part of North America does the Cherokee lives?

The Cherokee lived in the southeastern part of North America.

What job did Henry Hudson have?

he was a explorer that traveled all around North America.

Why are there more Roman Catholics in Latin America than in North America?

becase Catholic explorers focused landed in North America more than they did in North America, and by the time Explorers decided to land in North America, they were mostly Protestant

Who was the second explorers in north America?


What do explorers explore?

there were many explorers and many of them ended up in north America.

Is atlanta in north America?

Atlanta is in the southeastern United States.

What did explorers in the 14th century bring to north America?

Explorers in the 14th Century did not explore North America. They were more interested in the Caribbean Islands at that time. Exploration of North America did not start until the 15th Century.

Who two European explorers that explored south America and north America?

Two such explorers were Christopher Columbus and Hernán Cortés.

The horse was brought to north America by which explorers?


Were french explorers in North America successful?