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During the many "death marches" that took place in Europe during World War II, especially in its final months, prisoners did not generally receive satisfactory food-provisions of any kind. From their captors, they might receive a small portion of bread, perhaps unsavory soup, perhaps a handful of low-quality vegetables. They would sometimes be given sustenance (eggs, bread, milk, fruit) by sympathetic observers from villages and towns. Sometimes they might be able to forage for themselves from the fields and forests through which they were marched.

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They ate about a pound of cornmeal and a pound of beef. If they were lucky the guards would give them a very small portion of bacon.

If nobody has answered this question yet then I will-What did they sleep in?- They slept in very small tents holding about 5 prisoners a tent, because it was very crowded many prisoners had to sleep on the cold, bare ground. If they were lucky they would get a blanket.

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regular food just not prepared so delicatelly... they have spagetti, pancakes ect.. and if they make money or have money on their books they can buy commisary. Exapmle: name brand doritos and and wonderful expired milk!!

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MASH , and chips and peas

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Q: What type of food did the prisoners of war eat?
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Where were the prisinors of war in world war 2?

On the Axis side many prisoners of war were sent to work camps, concentration camps, or stockades based on race, color, or religion. On the Allied side prisoners of war were ether sent to camps in the US. or in camps through out the British empire based on war the fighting was going on.

What food did the people eat in World War 2?

army food is thoes pakegest that has brafact lounch and supper thay ate what ever thay could find that was good to them but not people, dogs, cats, mabey mounton lions if their was any. pussey that ate food that was ebedle to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much food did the people in world war 2 eat?

In general, the world population was not as well nourished during WW II as they are now. Many people died of starvation, particularly those in concentration camps where they were deliberately starved. Food was rationed in many countries.

What is the reason for prison hulks?

To provide readily available and relocatable accommodation for prisoners when the jails were overflowing and exporting them to America was stopped by the War of Independence, decommissioned ships were used.

Why were people charged with war crimes after world war 2?

Nazis and some Japanese Commanders were charged with war crimes because they willingly killed unarmed civilians and prisoners of war. These actions are forbidden by the rules of warfare (Geneva Convention): A soldier must only use his training and weaponry to kill enemy soldiers/combatants who pose a threat.

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What did the prisoners of war do?

They could be put to work on non-war related activities under the Geneva Convention. Many were put to work growing food for the use of the prisoners.

What must be done for prisoners of war and what must not be done to prisoners of war?

According to the Geneva Convention, prisoners of war must be given adequate medical care, food, clothing, and housing.Prisoners of war cannot be used to produce military goods or materials that might be used against their countrymen in battle.

What type of food did they eat in the Gettysburg war?

they had all kinds of food, most of the time when they wanted food they had to wait thill they could get ahold of it.... DAH

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What food was given to prisoners of war in world war 2 on there release to help them back to normality?

I'm afraid that only one word in that question makes it mean something else. You said IN world war II. In the war, food wasn't issued to the prisoners very often at all, nor were they ever released. Well, you could get release via death. But afterwards, the prisoners were liberated, and, for those who survived long enough to get treatment, a LOT of food was issued to them to try to save their lives.

What was part of president Nixons pan of peace with honor?

an exchange of prisoners of war in North Vietnam

What food did they eat at the crimean war?

they had basic food to eat, for example they would eat beans or rice.

What did the prisoners during the civil war eat?

Each other - in the last few weeks at Andersonville, when the Confederate troops and civilians were starving, and the prisoners were right at the bottom of the food chain. The prison-camps saw far worse atrocities than anything seen on a battlefield - gang murder and eventually cannibalism.

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What did prisoners of war eat in the German prisons during World War 1?

They were starved and worked to death. If they got anything it was a crust of bread and watery soup.