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=The most common form of government in ancient India was monarchy.==Monarchy is a form of government in which supreme power is actually vested in an individual, who is the head of the state, often until death or abdication. Raja(a king), maharaja(a great king), samrat(an emperor) are the different terms by which kings were designated according to their power and prestige.==Oligarchy has also been found in some states wher power is vested in a council of nobles.==Republican government also existed in the vedic period. A republic is a state that is not led by a hereditary monarch, but in which the people have an impact on its government.=

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Only men from highcastles-the brahmas- could be rulers in the government, or even ministers of clerks .These men did not allow women to rule.Womens were only allowed to be housewives.

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Q: What type of government did ancient India have?
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