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the happieness of the people

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Q: What types of documents were used in the boundaries ans status of new provinces Manitoba Alberta Saskatchewan or when other colonies joined confederation?
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When have new provinces been created?

On the day of Confederation (July 1, 1867) two provinces were created. Pursuant to section 6 of the British North America Act (now the Constitution Act) the pre-Confederation Province of Canada was severed into the Province of Ontario and the Province of Québec. The Province of Manitoba was created on July 15, 1870. The Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were created on September 1, 1905. All other provinces joined as colonies.

Which two provinces joined Canada in 1905?

To "join" implies that two entities existed separately, and then became one. While Alberta and Saskatchewan became provinces on September 1, 1905, it was because they were created out of the Northwest Territories by the Government of Canada. These provinces did not exist as separate entities before September 1, 1905, and therefore could not "join" Canada. It is better to say that they "entered Confederation" on September 1, 1905.

What is the importance of Canadian Confederation?

because the seven provinces at the time would not have been protected from the U.S. After the civil war the provinces believed that if the U.S. sent the armies north ,so if the provinces joined theywould have a better army to fight with.

Did Canada continue to change after confederation how?

At confederation there were four provinces. As time progressed more provinces and territorities became parts of Canada, some territorities became provinces and part of Canada was annexed by the United States. For more details you might consider reading the wikipedia article about Canada.

What did the fathers of confederation do?

There are a number of things that the fathers of confederation did. They brought provinces together and worked out various democratic ways of governing these territories in various conferences.

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When did all the provinces and territories joined confederation and why?

The ten provinces joined at the start of confederation and Manitoba joined in 1870, Saskatchewan and Alberta in 1905 there were usually treaties signed for this............

When did Saskatchewan and Alberta join Confederation?

Saskatchewan and Alberta became provinces on September 1, 1905. They were previously part of the Northwest Territories.

Did wilfrid laurier convince Alberta and Saskatchewan to join the confederation?

Laurier was Prime Minster when Alberta and Saskatchewan were established as provinces, but he did not have to convince them to join Canada. The two provinces were created out of the Northwest Territories; which was already Canadian territory.

What provinces of Canada make up the prairie provinces?

The prairie provinces of Canada are Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The southern parts of these provinces are covered in grassland.

What two provinces does Confederation Bridge connect?

The Confederation bridge in Canada connects the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

When did Saskatchewan join Canada and why?

1. Alberta and Saskatchewan did not "join" Canada. They "entered Confederation" by being created by the Government of Canada out of Northwest Territories. 2. Although Alberta and Saskatchewan both became provinces on the same day (September 1, 1905), Alberta is referred to as the eighth province and Saskatchewan as the ninth to enter Confederation.

On July 11867 which of today's provinces was not part of confederation?

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba Newfoundland and Labrador Prince Edward Island Saskatchewan

What are the prarie provinces of Canada?

The prairie provinces are Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

What do they call Manitoba Saskatchewan and Alberta?

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta are known as the Prairie Provinces.

Which province is west of Manitoba?

Saskatchewan is the next province west of Manitoba.

What are the Canada prairie province?

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are Canada's Prairie Provinces.

Which Canadian provinces are landlocked?

Alberta and Saskatchewan