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caves, tunnels or maybe even unknown cities for gold

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Q: What unknown places might people be interested in exploring today?
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What unknown places might people be interested in exploring?

Any place that is unknown or known but has aspects that someone feels are not fully explored will interest someone. There are after all plans to visit the ocean bottoms, the south pole, outer space, Aztec ruins, Neanderthal caves and your granny's attic.

What does exporer mean?

It means people or animals exploring places.

What does places of interest mean?

Places of Interest of places where people are interested to go to ( where people go to enjoy themselves).

What unknown places might pople be interested in exploring today?

Some lesser-known places that people might be interested in exploring today include the remote islands of Micronesia, the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, the bustling city of Chengdu in China for its panda conservation centers, and the diverse landscapes of Madagascar for its unique wildlife and ecosystems.

What can be earned by exploring new places?


Why did you discover the temple of the Aztecs?

as people its only natural to explore unknown places and be very inquisitive. and that's why.....

Is science exploring?

Certainly. Exploring, either physically or mentally, is searching for new experiences, objects, substances, places and understanding.

What was Eric the red exploring for?

He was searching for places to establish settlements.

What is the place where people die?

There are many places where people die. Some people die in hospitals, nursing homes, at their own home, in car accidents, and many other places. It is unknown where a person may die.

Who invents or discovers?

People invent by creating solutions to problems. (eg inventing CD's to replace Vinyl LP's) - People discover things or places (that already exist) by exploring.

Are there places in the US where osprey are not found?

It is unknown where ospreys are not found. -unknown

How many people in the world is pathan?

Pathan is unlimited around world they living in unknown places around the world