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England wasn't needed to explain. It had,immense arms and weird diplomacy which were properly used.

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Q: What was England doing to colonists to give them good reason to break away?
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What form of government ruled England between 1564 and 1616?

I think that it was the Elizabethan Era. I'm doing a project on it and it's the only answer that I can find so far.

What rights did the petition of rights give to English citizens?

petition of right 1628 was when parliament wrote a list of things that were illegal for a king/queen to do. During this period, the king was Charles I of England. Sir Edward Coke brought up this whole idea about the petition of right.

What were the events that transpired in Boston after news of the Glorious Revolution in England reached the colonists?

When James became king after his brother's death in 1685, he decided to make some drastic changes in both England and America. James wanted very much to rule England without Parliament, the governing body that represented English nobility and landowners. He believed that God had given him the special right to rule as an "absolute monarch," who did not have to include any other government official or group to make laws or rule his people. He was also a Roman Catholic who wanted to change England from a Protestant to a Catholic country.James also thought that the colonies of New England--Massachusetts, Plymouth, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire--were very poorly governed and much too independent of the king's control. So he sent Edmund Andros (pronounced Andrews) to unite the colonies under one royal government.Things did not go well for James in England. During his short 3-year rule, he managed to make nearly everyone angry. Whigs, people who supported the power of Parliament to limit the king, opposed James's ideas of absolute rule. Even Tories, those who usually supported the king's authority, soon agreed that James was going too far, especially in his attempts to make England Catholic. In the autumn of 1688 Whigs and Tories joined together to force James off the throne. They invited his Protestant daughter Mary and her Dutch husband William to rule in James's place.To explain why they believed their revolution was legal, Parliament passed the English Bill of Rights early in 1689. The bill listed many things James II had done which Parliament believed were illegal. It also listed the rights that Englishmen believed they enjoyed under English law. William and Mary accepted the Bill of Rights at the time of their coronation, swearing to uphold these "ancient rights and liberties" of the English people.While James was getting into deeper and deeper trouble in England, Adros was busy making his own enemies in America. He took over the colonial governments of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Plymouth, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York, and combined them all into one big government called the Dominion of New England. He made the colonists pay new taxes, arrested and fined people who opposed him, and allowed residents of towns only one meeting a year to take care of important business.Colonists hated the Dominion. In the summer of 1688, they sent the Puritan minister and president of Harvard College, Increase Mather, to England to protest what Andros was doing. Mather had to sneak on board a ship and hide until the vessel was far away from America. By the time he reached England, the Glorious Revolution was under way there. It was about to happen in Boston, too.

What does Qin Li you shu mean in English?

it means, why are you doing this or what is the purpose of doing this

What are some examples of equality in the World War 2?

I think England is the only example of equality in World War II. That's why Winston Churchill can be so famous for doing a fraction of what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did. I think whoever had you ask this question really outdid themselves here, because there's probably nothing in history that had more IN-equality on so many levels of both good and evil then World War II. We discriminated in the armies, we put Japanese people in camps and seized all their property, worldwide people were imprisoning if not killing people simply because they didn't like or trust them. Simply. And that's why I bring up England. Before World War II broke out, everyone made fun of England because of the way they appeased Hitler. What they don't understand is that in England's eyes, there was no invasion here. It was a matter of alot of people in a lot of countries who wanted to part of Germany. England was thinking hey -- we can make everyone happy here. Even our enemies so that maybe they'll become our friends. That's pretty gosh darn equality-minded. And then when World War II DID break out? Who was the only European power who lasted more then a summer before making an official deal for their lives? England. They fought those Nazis for three years straight until D-Day, all by themselves. They took on essentially an ENTIRE LOOTED AND CONQUERED CONTINENT'S MIGHT!!! The Nazis were using all of Europe's resources against England and they STILL got their butts kicked. The ones most willing to show peace and equality through this whole the most damage....and inflicted the most damage back. Face it, honey...England's not the UK. It's the DK. As in the Dark Knight.

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Were colonists trying to break away from Britain or preserve the rights they had?

They were trying to do both, they wanted independence, and keep the rights they had, by not getting taxed and doing what they believed in

Why did the US want to be free from England?

The colonists felt that they could govern themselves better then England was doing.

How do you break up with your friend?

To break up with your friend follow this. Just tell him the reason for your this doing. Then do not talk to him in future.

What is the reason of the guy doing break up?

They think if they break up first they feel like the bigger person and try to empress his friend or they wanna take a break or liking another girl.

How did early new England colonists make a living?

The main ways to make money in the 1700 New England colonies was to build ships, whaling, fishing, and blacksmith.

Why were the colonists fighting the British?

The Colonist's were being used as the bank for England. England was in terrible debt due to the wars in Europe and fighting Spain. The biggest issue was that the colonists had no right's to speak to what the British where doing to them. They were 'being taxed without representation' and had enough. If the British were to give the Colonies representation in Parliament they would kept the colonies under the crown.

How could the English colonists have avoided the difficulties they faced at Jamestown?

they needed more supplies from England and they needed to treat the people there a lot nicer. they didnt realy know what they were doing and had no idea what was goign to happen.

How did the colonists respond to Britain's imposed tax?

by doing stuff

How was the colony British North America managed?

The UK relatively left the colonies to themselves. But once they saw that the colonies were prospering and actually doing better than the homeland, they got more involved, mainly by imposing taxes on the colonists. This angered the colonists and this is the main reason for the Revolutionary War and American independence.

What were the British doing that was considered offensive?


What did the natives think of North America?

They thought that they were savages, which of course, they were not. The reason the colonists thought this was because a majority of the colonists were Christian and the Native Americans were not. They also were attacked by the Native Americans, but the Natives were only doing this because the colonists invaded their lands.

During the American Revolution what were the colonists doing?

During the american revolution the colonists regulated trade and taxes since the American Revolution was precipitated.