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Gandhi was deeply shocked at the incident. He started a five-day fast to repent for what he thought was his incompetence that resulted in the bloodshed. Gandhi felt that the people of India were not sufficiently trained and prepared to fight against the British with Non-violence. And he had not perceived the situation and incited the people to revolt.

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Q: What was Gandhi's response to Chauri Chaura?
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After the chauri chaura incident gandhiji suspended?

non co.operation movement.

What was chauri chaura incident?

On 5 February 1922, the police station put into the fire a group of mob. 22 people burnt in it. Gandhi was deeply hurted and called out Satyagraha movement. After this Mahatma Gandhi Was arrested and sentenced 6 years jail. The five-day fast undertaken as a penance for the Chauri Chaura disaster began on the evening of Sunday, February 12, 1922.

What is the significance of chauri-chaura in the history Indian national movement?

Gandhi started his non cooperation movement

What movement was halted by the Indian National Congress as a result of the a police station getting burned down in Chauri Chaura by the Indian protestors?


When did chauri chaura incident take place?

On 5th February 1922, a crowd of about 2000 peasants marched toward the police station in Chauri Chaura. They began to shout about the government and in an attempt to scare them away, the police fired warning shots into the air. This enraged the protesters and they began to hurl stones at the policemen. The sub inspector then ordered the police to open fire on the crowd. They killed 3 men and wounded several others. The peasants became even angrier and forced the police back inside their station. They then set fire to the station, killing 23 men locked inside.

When and why did Gandhiji withdraw non cooperation movement?

In February 1922, Mahatma Gandhi decided to withdraw The Non- Cooperation movement. This was because he felt the movement was turning violent in many places and also understood that the satyagrahis needed proper training before moving on to more intense satyagrahas. Following the incident at Chauri Chaura, he withdrew the Non- cooperation movement.

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