What was King Johns religion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He was Christian. He celebrated Christmas and Easter.

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Q: What was King Johns religion?
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Who is king Johns mother and father?

King Johns father was: Peter I of Portugal. King Johns mother was: Teresa Lourenço.

Who was King Johns uncle?

King Richard

What was king johns date of birth?

king johns date of birth is 24TH DECEMBER 1167 and he was born in oxford

Who was king Johns father?

Henrylll was the father of King John

What were the names of King Johns brothers?

king Harold and jhon

What is King Johns birthday?

Believed to be 1167.

What was king johns personalities?

he was just fantastic!

What was King Johns brothers name?


What was King Johns fathers name?

Henry ll

What is King Johns first name?

Er, John

What was King Johns dad called?

Henry II

What are facts about King Johns life?

he lived a good life