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Oliver Cromwell's full name with his titles was Lord Protector General Oliver Cromwell. His nickname while he was in the military was Old Ironsides.

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Q: What was Oliver Cromwells full name?
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Who was Oliver Cromwells wife?

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you were born

Who was Oliver Cromwells father?

Oliver Cromwell's dad is called Robert Cromwell.

What is Oliver Cromwells date of death?

On 3 September 1658.

Who where oliver cromwells parents called?

Robert and Elizabeth Cromwell.

What was Oliver cromwells children called?

Robert, Oliver, Bridget, Richard, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary, and Frances.

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1st Lord Protector

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The phrase 'warts and all' says it all !

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He is hated by Irish Catholics, especially in the town of Drogheda.