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Not much just; PS2's, Xbox 360's, and Nintendo wiis. No Gameboys!

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Q: What was available in the shops in the Victorian time?
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Was a diabolo for the rich or poor Victorian children?

A diabolo was generally used by rich Victorian children because they had access to toys available in shops.

Did the Victorian have shops?


Did they have sweet shops back in the Victorian times?

Yes, sweet shops existed during the Victorian era. They were called confectionery shops, and they sold a variety of sweets and candies, such as boiled sweets, toffees, and chocolates. These shops were popular, especially among the wealthier classes, as sugar and sweets were considered a luxury at that time.

WHAT supermarkets were around in the victorian times?

no but they had Small shops

Did Victorian children have TV?

No. TV was not available until the 1930s - 30 years after the end of the Victorian era.

What was the religion of Britain in the Victorian age?

Hello, i add, an all religions are available from an origin of a life from a god, but a person can take it or of it once or gradually as he/she... desire , thus in Victorian era a religions were available from a god but the people there were interest at that time about Islam often.

How was science in Victorian England?

how did science change in Victorian time change

Where could you buy a Victorian era dress?

Sometimes u find them in anitque shops hope this helps x

Why Aveiro watches are not available in the shops in India?

It is in Direct selling so it is not available in shops across India..In India its marketed through Amway .

Behavior during the Victorian era?

The Victorian Era was a time of conflicting morality.

Is there any shops available in chennai?


What were things like in Victorian times during 1812 and 1870?

Life during Victorian times was filled with many children Wealthy families had servants to do their daily chores and religion was an important part of like. The people of that time period ate foods that were in season and bought other foods at small, local shops.