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Life was generally stable and peaceful under the Europeans.

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Q: What was life like for Africans living under European rule?
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What happened to the slave trade during the 1800s?

Well it was really rough for the Africans because even though they had new things in there life it didn't mean anything. Why? because the European didn't let the Africans be free. Also they didn't know why European were like that with Africans.

Who Considered slavery an improvement over life in Africa?

Some European colonizers and slave traders believed that enslaving Africans and bringing them to the Americas provided them with better living conditions and opportunities than what they perceived to be available in Africa. This justification was used to rationalize the brutal exploitation and forced labor of enslaved Africans.

What was life like for African's under European rules?

Life was generally stable and peaceful under the Europeans.

What was life like in the west Africa before the age of European exploration?

west africans were able to fish in rivers and grow crops

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How did the Atlantic slave trade benefit the Africans?

The Atlantic slave trade did not benefit Africans. It led to the forced removal of millions of Africans from their homes, families, and communities, resulting in immense suffering, loss of life, and disruption of societies. The slave trade primarily benefited European and American slave traders, plantation owners, and industries that were built on the exploitation of enslaved Africans.

Affect of native Americans on aspects European life?

Is this your question?"(What) effect did Native Americans (have) on aspects of (the lives) of European(s) living in America?"

Compare life on missions and life on plantations?

Life on missions often involved indigenous peoples being forcibly converted to Christianity and adopting European customs and languages, while life on plantations involved enslaved Africans laboring under brutal conditions to produce cash crops for export. Both settings were characterized by power imbalances, exploitation, and the disruption of traditional ways of life for marginalized groups.

Why did settlements start using slaves?

Settlements started using slaves to give Africans a better life. Many Africans at the time lived under brutal warlords, who would often sacrifice people to the gods. The Europeans were appalled at this practice, so they took as many Africans as they could to the New World with them. The Europeans soon realized that they could not afford to continue feeding the Africans, and the Africans did not understand European culture enough to feed themselves. So the European's met with the peaceful tribal leaders of the Africans, and together the decided that a system of servitude for food, clothing, and housing for labor would be fair. Contrary to propaganda spread during the American Civil War, most "slaves" (as the northerner's called them) were very content with their lives, and were upset by the outcome of the Civil War.

What things are improving life for many africans?

Technology like mobile phones and the internet have greatly improved access to information, communication, and financial services for many Africans. Infrastructure development, such as improved roads and access to electricity, is also playing a significant role in enhancing quality of life across the continent. Additionally, advancements in healthcare and education are helping to raise living standards and increase opportunities for many Africans.

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