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Majority of the people in the renaissance period would have been making their living by farming. The man took care of the farming and the women take care of poultry.

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Q: What was life like in the renaissance?
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What was the life of a merchant like during the renaissance?

i really don't know

How are these sculptures by Early Renaissance sculptor Donatello and High Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo similar?

They are similar by the way they're life-like.

How is the Renaissance painting different from older paintings?

looks more life-like.

How is the Renaissance painting different from the older painting?

looks more life-like.

How is the the Renaissance painting different from the older painting?

looks more life-like.

How was town life during the Renaissance?

In the renaissance there were lots of little shops and people running around. People had jobs like merchants, bankers, or tradespeople.

How life like in London during the Renaissance times?

Well, Life in London during the Renaissance was About the same as it had been in The Middle Ages, there were still no hygenal morals and no sense of class, or manners! Written By: Lorelei Jacobson:)

What new technique did artists use during renaissance what did it do?

Renaissance artists used value and perspective to make their paintings look more realistic and dynamic and life like

How did the Renaissance affect the peoples viewpoint of destiny or fate?

The Renaissance gave people a feeling of purpose during life on earth, instead of focusing on the afterlife like the medieval times.

An era of great cultural and scientific rebirth?

A Renaissance. (Like the Renaissance)

Why is renaissance art more life like in the middle ages than it is now?

Dude what are you talking about renaissance art is from the renaissance time period, which was AFTER the middle ages You've got to be smoking some intense trainwreck or pineapple express or something

How did the focus and style of renaissance art differ from that of the middle age?

Art was more life like and realistic in renaissance art, the middle ages art was mostly looked flat and without depth.