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The construction of Stonehenge.

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Q: What was not an achievement made during Indian's golden age?
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What were two specific achievements made during indian's golden age?

Peace and prosperity were the two specific achievements that were made during Indian's golden age.

What important contributions were made during India's golden age?

When the golden age has been removed from the reunion of life.

Queen Victoria changes she made during her life?

the golden jubali

What are some of the democratic reforms made during the golden age of Athens?

The pericles

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What group made significant advancements during the golden age of Islam?

Muslim scholars.

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What might have made moved Indians easier?

Moving during the summer instead of the winter

What might have made the Indians' move easier?

Moving during the summer instead of the winter

What is an example of an achievemnt that was made during the golden age of the gupta empire?

The main achievements of the Gupta Empire were in the fields of war and art. Art included their sculpture, painting, literature and architecture.

What year was the Golden Temple made?

It was during the leadership of the fifth Guru (Guru Arjan, 1581-1606), that the Golden Temple was built. It was completed in 1601.

What might have made the movement of the Indians less devastating?

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