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Captain John Mason

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Q: What was one important person who helped the original New Hampshire colony?
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Which colony were the thirteen colony a part of?

The thirteen colonies were *Delaware *Pennsylvania *New Jersey *Georgia *Massachusetts Bay Colony *Connecticut *Maryland *South Carolina *New Hampshire *Virginia *North Carolina *New York *Rhode Island :) Hope this helped guys :)

What waterways are there in new jersey colony?

The Hudson and the Delaware were the most important rivers in New Jersey Colony. They helped to increase trade and were used intensively as a water route.

What kind of economy did the Connecticut colony have?

The Connecticut colony had fertile soil, so the farming industry was very important. The closeness of the coastline also helped their fishing and whaling industry.

Why tobacco was important to Jamestown?

Tobacco was important because when John Rolfe started growing and selling it, tobacco made money for the colony!

Why was Captain John Smith was so important?

John Smith was so important because he helped the colony in many different ways, in order to start the colony. He quoted "If you don't work, You don't eat." So they obviously worked more then.

What crop helped the English colony of Virginia survive?

The crop that most helped the Virginia colony was tobacco. This was also the main reason why most settlers settled in this colony.

What was name of local Indian who helped the people of the Plymouth Colony?

Squanto was the name of the local Indian who helped the people of the Plymouth Colony.

What cash crop helped the Virginia Colony grow and prosper?

Tobacco. It was very important crop for the colonists and helped them to build up a lot of wealth.

Why John Smith was important?

he was the leader of the Virginia Colony.

Who helped Plymouth colony to survive?


Is Jamestown one of the thirteen colonies?

Virginia was a colony and Jamestown one of the places in the colony. It helped establish Virginia as a colony.

What was Sir John A MacDonald's Colony?

He didnt have a colony......he helped with Confederation....(brung Canada together)