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growing population needed more land.

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Q: What was one reasons for the migration of the Germanic tribes?
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Which tribes is not one of the Germanic tribes that established settlements in England in the 400s and 500s?


Which was the Germanic people who conquered Gaul?

It was not until the Romans under Julius Caesar conquered Gaul that Gaul was controlled by one group--the Romans. Previously to this Gaul was a mixture of various tribes each having their own territory and allies.

Who was the Roman historian who wrote about the invading German tribes?

I can't be 100% sure whose name you are looking for, but I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Tacitus. He's famous across multiple disciplines, including history, anthropology, Western Civ, and Roman Studies, so his name comes up a lot. One of his major accomplishments is a huge series of tomes in which he describes everything from Roman politics to the Roman creation myth. In one of the books, he talks about some of the German tribes to the the north, commenting primarily on cultural features, many of which he considers admirable. One example cited is that when warring, the German tribes often bring their wives and children to the battlefield in an effort to inspire the fighters to fight harder (presumably in order to avoid dying on front of their loved ones).Other suggestions:Tacitus wrote about Germanic invasions of the 1st Century, but most people referring to the Germanic invasions are talking about the period of the 4th through 8th centuries. Jordanes was the only Roman historian to record the early history of the Goths, in a book called the Getica. Cassiodorus wrote on the invasions, but this history has been lost. Procopius also wrote about the Goths, but mostly about the recovery of Italy from the Ostrogoths. But there were a number of other early medieval writers who wrote about the Migration Period.Please see the links below.

Why were the Anglo Saxons called Anglo Saxons?

England was at one time inhabited by a tribe called the Angles, and then England was invaded by a Germanic tribe called the Saxons, and as these two ethnic groups gradually merged, they became the Anglo-Saxons.

What event during 1849 and 1850 caused the immigrants to come to America?

In the aftermath of the failed revolutions of 1848-49 a number of liberals fled to the U.S., especially from Central Europe. However, at that time migration was already in full swing anyway. So, there is room for debate as to how many 'extra' migrants went to America for political reasons at the time. (Large scale migration from the German-speaking lands grew sharply from about 1830 onwards, and is often cited as one of the reasons for the establishment of the Hamburg-America Line (HAPAG) in 1847. This predates the failed revolutions).

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Was one of the germanic tribes the vandals?


One of the Germanic tribes was the Vandals?

Yes it is

Which tribes is not one of the Germanic tribes that established settlements in England in the 400s and 500s?


Why do some people in England have blue eyes?

Blue eyes is a common trait in Northern Europe, such as Germany. Over one thousand years ago, there was a great migration of Anglos and Saxons to Britain. These were Germanic tribes.

Name the Germanic tribes that lived beyond the northern borders of the Roman Empire and eventually invaded the empire?

Vandals, Alans (they were Scythian not Germanic), Sueves, Burgundians, Alemanni. In England it now seen that there were continuous waves of migration rather than one invasion: Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians.

One of the Germanic tribes was the Vandles true false?

They were known as Vandals. So, the answer true.

What do we call the family of languages that English belong to?

English is an Indo-European language.It belongs to the West Germanic group of languages. Named after the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes that migrated to England,

What is the study of migration called?

The study of migration is called demography or migration studies. It examines the movement of people from one place to another, including the reasons why people migrate, the patterns of migration, and the social and economic impacts of migration.

Where does the word England come from other meanings?

England simply means the Land of the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes that emigrated to Britain.

Why were the franks better at governing than other germanic tribes?

Basically because the Franks had been conquered by the Romans and had become part of the Roman Empire whereas the Germanic Tribes had not. Roman conquest brought peace and security to the land and trade was able to flourish. The Franks readily adapted to Roman culture and system of government which the Latin Christian Church continued after the fall of the Empire. The Germanic tribes however had no centralized government or even one single king.

Why did so many Germanic tribes being invading the Roman Empire?

Because, well when the Romans intered the empire at 300ad they did not know about the "Almighty God" named Sponge Bob he was one of the greatist wariors that ever lived R.I.P

Who worshipped Thor?

The Vikings, Scandinavians, Anglo-Saxons and the Germanic tribes.