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he supported tighter controls and restrictions on the press

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Q: What was part of Alexander Dubceks plan to reform Czechoslovakia?
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What country was a victim of great Britain and France's policy of appeasement?

Czechoslovakia, which was invaded by Germany with permission from Britain and France given at the Munich Conference. You ask which country was a "victim" of Britain's and France's willingness to appease Hitler, but you are not understanding the basic facts. The Sudetenland wanted to be part of Germany because they were Germans and they were separated from Germany after World War 1. So they were glad to get reconnected to Germany. Hitler used the issue of Sudetenland against Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia (including Sudetenland) were not part of Germany before WW1, but part of Austria-Hungary. When Austria-Hungary was broken-up as result of WW1, then Hitler decided to seize German-speaking Austria and then create a crisis w/ Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia was seen as the victim of appeasement. By loosing the Sudetenland, they lost valuable territory rich in lignite, coal. So there was a victim - Czechoslavakia.

What was the Czech Republic's name before they became the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic was part of Czechoslovakia before that country split, forming the Czech Repuiblic and Slovakia.

What was the velvet revolution?

The Velvet Revolution was the peaceful overthrow of the Communist government in Czechoslovakia in 1989, as a part of the wider collapse of the Communist regimes in Europe during the late 1980s and early 1990s. It eventually let to the dissolution of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993; however, the term "Velvet Revolution" (or, "Gentle Revolution", as it is known in Slovakia) specifically refers to the original overthrow of the Communist government, not the subsequent split of the country.

Which empire was a part of three different continents?

Alexander the Great; Europe (Greece) , Africa(Egypt) and Asia (Turkey, Persia ) Then The Roman Empire, Also in Europe , Africa, and Asia. Then the Ottoman Empire.,

Which was the biggest threat to European peace in the 1930s anschluss or the sudetenland?

The Anschluss was a threat to European peace as it undermined the Treaty of Versailles and increased Hitler's power and the resources available at his disposal. Germany and Austria-Hungary also surrounded the west of Czechoslovakia, which would eventually lead to him invaded in March 1939. The fact that Britain and France did nothing undermined their power and the power of appeasement. The Sudetenland Crisis threatened European peace as Germany gained the resources of the Sudetenland- most notably the factories and armaments on the west border. It was the first time that war had been threatened in Europe, and was in some way responsible for the later Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact as Russia had been left out of the Munich Conference despite the fact they had allied with Czechoslovakia, and felt betrayed. It led to the collapse of Czechoslovakia as they other nationalities started pushing for independence- Poland gained part of Czechoslovia in October 1938 and Hungary in November 1938, followed by the Slovaks in March 1939. Therefore, I personally believe the Sudetenland Crisis was a bigger threat to peace, however the Anschluss led to Hitler being able to target the Sudetenland, as he was able to surround it.

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Why did the Soviet Union invade its own ally Czechoslovakia?

Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union were part of the Warsaw Pact in the 1960s- an organization of the then-Communist states in Europe. In 1968 a leader of Czechoslovakia, Alexander Dubcek, decided to reform his country's military and media. He introduced forms of democracy. These were soon considered by the Soviet Union to be dangerous to the Communist Party and they thought the reforms would decrease the Party's power. Therefore, they attacked Czechoslovakia to prevent the reforms from going through, retaining their powerr.

Who was the leader of Czechoslovakia in 1890?

The leader of Czechoslovakia for most of the 1960s was Antonín Novotný. He served as a communist leader from 1957-1968. He was followed by Ludvík Svoboda, who served from 1968-1975.

In what western part of this country was the Sudetenland in?


What role did Czechoslovakia play in the Soviet Union?

Czechoslovakia was not a part of the Soviet Union. It was amongst of the other countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact and it was a communist country.

Czechoslovakia is now divided into the Czech Republic and?

The other nation which formerly was part of Czechoslovakia is called Slovakia.

What did the German Army of World War 2 learn from its experiences in Austria Poland Czechoslovakia and Spain?

When Adolf Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, a man called Neville Chamberlain gave Adolf a part of Czechoslovakia and Neville said to Adolf to take this part of Czechoslovakia and don't ask for more. But of course after a while Adolf took the whole of Czechoslovakia. Then he went on to invade Poland.

Why is Czechoslovakia no longer considered a member of the US?

Czechoslovakia was never considered to be part of the US. Czechoslovakia has not existed since it became two separate countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in 1993.

Ruthenia was once a part of which one Poland or Czechoslovakia?

It was part of Czechoslovakia from 1919 until 1945, when the Soviet Union annexed it. Hungary had seized a large part of it in 1938, and held it until driven out by the USSR army.

Were Hungary and Czechoslovakia part of the holy roman empire?

They were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

What is the name of the Czech Republic when it was part of the Soviet Union?


Agreement that gave Hitler part of Czechoslovakia?

The Munich agreement.

What was the agreement that gave Hitler part of Czechoslovakia?

Munich Agreement